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Salary Sacrifice could reduce the cost of car allowances, while the lower tax levels paid by participating employees can lessen your Class 1 National Insurance Contributions. 

If you want to reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint and make your employees happy, there is a cost-effective solution to driving electric, offsetting any emissions of cars and even the charge needed for the electric cars on the road. 

The @Home Charging Challenge

Many workers with company vehicles hit the road daily from home. If they’re driving EVs, they need enough battery range to complete their routes and make all customer visits. That means charging overnight.

Charging installations for @Home fleets can get complicated, especially with lots of drivers spanning multiple territories. Permanent electrical upgrades are required—and since every home is different, the cost and complexity can vary widely.

Simplifying @Home Installations

As a national provider of home charging installation services, Qmerit makes the switch to EVs easy and seamless for fleet managers and their drivers. Our Qmerit Charge@Home for Fleets™ solutions simplify the entire process, providing a safe, smooth and predictable experience for you and your employees from start to finish.

The Qmerit Experience

Qmerit built the leading nationwide team of EV charging installers. They’re carefully vetted, certified and trained in the latest EVSE technologies. Our installation experts work with our customer care specialists to provide you and your employees with white-glove service throughout the installation process.

call center agent We walk your employees through every step, from initial education about EVSE to installation—through the end of the warranty period.
hands holding cell phone viewing qmerit app Through your customized installation portal Powered by Qmerit™, your employees can submit home details and photos to receive a fast, accurate estimate and schedule their installation—often without the need for an in-person assessment.
man sitting at desk while looking at tablet Qmerit continuously collects feedback from your employees about their experience and the service quality we’re delivering. Fleet owners and managers can track project progress and quality ratings in real time through our digital dashboard.
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Why Partner with Qmerit?

Coast-to-Coast Reach Coast-to-Coast Reach Our network can meet the needs of any region across the UK and Ireland.
Predictable Price Predictable Price Our structured pricing model offers fleet managers predictability, ensuring you won’t come in over budget on installation projects. That’s a major benefit considering how widely installation costs can vary from one home to another.
Safe & Reliable Safe & Reliable Our comprehensive vetting process for installers and sophisticated digital platform for monitoring their performance ensures we adhere to the highest quality standards and protects your company and your reputation.
Headache-Free Headache-Free Qmerit handles all management, billing and payments to installers, as well as all associated paperwork—alleviating the administrative burden on fleet managers.
Superior Quality Superior Quality Our Net Promoter Scores® consistently rank near the top for companies in any industry. That superior service quality ensures a partnership with Qmerit will keep your employees happy and protect your brand reputation.
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